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Alaska Salmon Fishing Charters

Alaska King Salmon

We run highly productive Alaska King Salmon Fishing Trips out of Gustavus, Alaska. King salmon are the prized object of most salmon fishing enthusiasts. They're big, they're tough, and they're delicious. You'll find fast king action on our outer coast with most fish we keep ranging in size from 15 to 25 pounds. On our inside waters the Gustavus King Salmon Fishing effort is centered around pristine beaches harbored from the open sea. Some of our bigger kings each year come along the protected shorelines of our picturesque fjords. Non-resident regulations for 2023 allow for one king per angler per day, with annual limits starting at three fish in May and June, working to two then one king annually through July and into August.

Alaska Silver Salmon

Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing Charters are thrilling because these fish are feisty & acrobatic. While king salmon receive heavy attention from salmon lovers, another favorite is the silver salmon- a feisty opponent that often hunts in packs and barrages fishing lines with a nothing barred vengeance. At its peak Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing can be pandemonium. These salmon average 12 pounds and are fine table fare, and with a generous limit of six fish per person per day, catching them might just be the most fun you'll ever have fishing.

True North Sportfishing

True North Sportfishing has been running first class Alaska Salmon Fishing Charters for over 20 years. Gustavus is one of Alaska's premier charter fishing destinations but without the crowds and impersonal service. We offer World Class Alaska Fishing Packages to experienced anglers, beginners, and families. We have Alaska fishing charters to suit any angler’s needs. Our Alaska charter fishing vessels are designed for serious angling in Alaskan waters, equipped with private heads, heated cabins and top quality fishing gear.

We look forward to getting to know you in person and discussing the details of your next Alaska fishing trip with True North Sportfishing. Gustavus Is The True Alaska Fishing Frontier. To book your next Alaska Salmon fishing charter, please call us today at 1-800-998-2384

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